Huang Weiping -- Founder of JNOD

Master of Business Administration, engaged in marketing of electrical appliances for 20 years, he has been holding post of Marketing Director in the world top 500 enterprises and famous Chinese home appliance enterprise with rich marketing experience. Mr. Huang Weiping would like to share the successful experience, share a better product with the people who is looking forward a quality life! Wish all people can "Enjoy My Life"


Ni Zhenzhong -- Chief Technical Adviser

Famous physics expert in China. He had been working in Chinese Academy of Science, specialized in research of spaceflight apparatus. He has been researching the electric heating technology for 40 years and he can comprehensively various material properties. He obtain more than ten product patent, and he is recognized the "Father of Electric Heating" in electric heating industry. He is the cornerstone of the technology and quality in JNOD and the leader of innovation power in electric heating field.


Sales and Marketing team

All marketing and sales member are specilized in international trade and business english, Grasp skilled professional foreign trade knowledge of the whole process, has the rich experience of overseas markets, understand the proffessional product knowledge with different international standard. We can provide professional consull tant marketing services.